New Holographic and Iridescent Flakies

We have released 4 new Iridescent Flakies with color shifts that are just perfect for spring and summer! And Holographic Flakies which are just like high quality diamonds on your nails!

Flakies are getting popular more and more every day, one reason is that they that they are super easy to use since they don't need any special base or coat coat. Just put them on the top of wet polish, cover with regular top coat and you are done!

New Water Decals

We have launched 14 newWhats Up Nails water decals, a lot of them have floral designs which are perfect for spring! There are watermarble design, damask, lace and many more!

Nail Art Books

We have started selling Nail Art Books by SoNailicious Boutique. Each book has 620 empty nail templates to draw out your wonderful ideas for oval, stiletto, and square shaped nails to ensure your nails are always lookin' their best!


Introducing our new amazing product - color shifting loose flakies of 6 different colors. No special base coat or top coat needed! Just apply a layer of gel or regular polish and while it is sticky add some flakies on the top of it using brush, sponge or finger tip. Apply a thick layer or two of your favorite top coat and you are done!

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