100+ Products from Moyra!

Grab everything your heart desires with our latest stock of Moyra. We've added 7 new stamping plates. Check out 77 Blossometry87 Spider Gel, hearts, mandala, swirls, lock and keys, arrow, butterflies, flowers, ribbons, hand signs shaped as a heart on 88 Lovelove, 89 Cuts 2 with so many shapes, get juicy with 90 Dragon Fruits,  and 91 Spicery with beautiful flowers and leaves  Beginner? Pick up a kit that'll teach you with NEW Learn to Stamp 01 and Learn to Stamp 02.

Bring stamped designs to life with stamping gel polishes available in White and Black - for long lasting stamped nails or add Moyra Glitters over top with fun colors including 01 Sugar Glitter Powder, 03 Rose Holo Glitter Mix, and 04 Turquoise Holo Glitter Mix . Or add additional fun with foils. We have restocked on Magic Foils and Easy Transfer Foils and Foil Stamping Polishes, too!

We're not quite done yet... Pick up some great supporting supplies to help you achieve perfect nail art with nail art brushes with adorable jeweled handles and caps - take a look at Moyra Gel Jewelry Brush Straight #2, #4, and #6 and Angled #2 and #4 and find the perfect size to fit your nail art needs!