NEW Mermaid Brushes + Pure Color #4 Angular Brush Restock!

Create nails that are mythical in perfection with adorable new colorful, chromatic, mermaid tail brushes!

Mermaid #0 Detail Brush will swim your nails to perfect detail with a finely pointed brush for small fill ins and for perfect lines. Mermaid #1 Liner Brush can create perfect straight lines and help with amazing and unique freehand designs. Mermaid #2 Round Brush can aide with one stroke designs or is perfect for cuticle clean up! Looking for dimensions, curve, or another spectacular clean up brush? Look no further than Mermaid #3 Angular Brush and look adorable doing it!

We have also restocked on the hot and popular Pure Color #4 Angular Brush with a perfectly weighted handle, and complete with grips so you can control each brush stroke with ease. Check out all nail art brushes here and find your nail art companion. 


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