Bundle Monster - Blogger Collaboration BM-XL211, twi_star

Bundle Monster - Blogger Collaboration BM-XL211, twi_star
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This adorable buffet style sea-inspired stamping plate gives your nails a taste of the mermaid life with scales, bubbles, mermaids, shells and much more for magical stamped nails.

Stamping plate for long nails:
Each design is 5/8in (15mm) on 13/16in (20mm).

Stamping Plates and Stampers sold separately.

How to Use

  • Remove blue protection film from plate and wipe plate with pure acetone or alcohol
  • Remember, not all nail polishes work for stamping. If you don't have special stamping nail polish you can play around with nail polishes you have to see which ones stamp better. Opaque nail polishes that don't dry very fast work the best.
  • Apply a decent amount of nail polish on the side of the image and scrape excess several times using a scraper or plastic card.
  • Push your stamper to the plate immediately and pull it up. If image doesn’t transfer, you might need to prime your stamper with pure acetone or use another nail polish.
  • Push stamper to the nail to roll stamper to sides of nail to make sure image transfers to whole nail. Clear stampers can be really useful since you can see where you apply image.
  • Clean skin around your nail using a brush dipped in acetone. You can also use peel off tape or just remove nail polish by sticking scotch tape to the skin.
  • You can clean plate using pure acetone and paper towel or cotton pad. If you use non-acetone nail polish remover, you might need to wipe plate with alcohol to remove oily residue.