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The original Creative Shop stamper, designed and built in the Ukraine, this stalwart has proven to be one of the most popular stampers in 2015. Out of the box the stamping head requires no priming and the body is made of brushed aluminum giving it a sleek finish and longer life and makes it easier to clean. 

Current version of the stamper has newly designed holder with more convenient grip.

Silicone stamping head size: 1 1/2in (38mm)

How to Use

  • Stamping head requires no priming when you receive it
  • Never clean the stamper head with acetone or polish remover
  • Cleaning should be done with tape by pressing the stamper head against the sticky tape (a lint roller) surface pulling the polish from the head
  • Use the short side of the scraper to clear excess polish from the plate
  • Pick up the image by gently rolling the stamping head across the plate
  • Store different color stamping heads separately to avoid staining
  • Stamping head is soft and can be scratched or damaged easily. Only push the stamping head parallel to the flat nail surface and try to avoid denting or scratching the stamper surface with the tip of your nail. If small dents occur you can lightly massage them out with your finger tips

If head stamping head does not pick up after some time of use you can:

  • Wash it with soap
  • Place the head in a plastic bag for 1 day
  • Prime the stamping head with a Magic Eraser cleansing pad found in any department store

All Creative Shop stampers are:

  • Made with High quality materials (certified and safe)
  • Long lasting
  • Made by Hand in Ukraine

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