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Valesha, aka Peachy Polish

Reviewed 12/29/2015 (english)

Reviewed 12/18/2015 (english)


Edwige, aka Polish My World

Reviewed 12/25/2015 (french)

Reviewed 12/22/2015 (french)


Emily, aka Very Emily

 Reviewed 11/21/2015 (english)

Reviewed 11/11/2015 (english)


Ksenia, aka Kseniakost

Reviewed 12/13/2015 (russian)

Reviewed 12/09/2015 (russian)

Reviewed 11/08/2015 (russian)


Ana, aka Magically Polished

Reviewed 12/14/2015 (english)

Reviewed 02/09/2015 (english)


Deborah and Manon, aka Love Varnish

Reviewed 12/10/2015 (english)

Reviewed 12/02/2015 (english)


Almudena, aka Cuqui Nails

Reviewed 12/28/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 12/24/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 12/07/2015 (spanish)


Sara, aka Loving Cosmetic

Reviewed 12/28/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 12/28/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 02/08/2015 (spanish)


Madalina, aka Frumusetelapretmic

Reviewed 12/15/2015 (english)


Cait, aka Polish Hound

Reviewed 11/30/2015 (english)

Reviewed 11/13/2015 (english)


Reviewed 10/19/2015 (english)

Reviewed 10/16/2015 (english)

Reviewed 10/12/2015 (english)


Ashley, aka Fancy Finger Guns

Reviewed 11/26/2015 (english)


Lucy Stash

Reviewed 11/24/2015 (english)

Reviewed 10/18/2015 (english)

Reviewed 02/02/2015 (english)


Cheyenne, aka Cdbnails

Reviewed 12/01/2015 (english)

Reviewed 11/01/2015 (english)


Tamira, aka Lacquer Lockdown

Reviewed 10/12/2015 (english)


Kelli, aka The Nail Polish Challenge

Reviewed 06/18/2015 (english)

Reviewed 04/08/2015 (english)

Reviewed 04/04/2015 (english)


Kirby, aka The Mercurial Magpie

Reviewed 08/01/2015 (english)

Reviewed 07/24/2015 (english)

Reviewed 07/20/2015 (english)

Reviewed 07/14/2015 (english)

Reviewed 06/22/2015 (english)

Reviewed 06/15/2015 (english)

Reviewed 06/11/2015 (english)


Maria, aka Konad Addict

Reviewed 08/04/2015 (english)


Lene-Jeanett, aka Drommelakken

Reviewed 04/13/2015 (norwegian)


Sammy, aka Nailasaurus

Reviewed 09/27/2015 (english)

Reviewed 09/08/2015 (english)

Reviewed 09/02/2015 (english)

Reviewed 04/09/2015 (english)

Reviewed 12/24/2014 (english)

Reviewed 11/05/2014 (english)


Ali, aka Un minuto para las uñas

Reviewed 10/19/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 09/03/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 03/11/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 10/27/2014 (spanish)


Coloreando mis Uñas

Reviewed 03/03/2015 (spanish)


Belé, aka ManiCute

Reviewed 02/23/2015 (spanish)

Reviewed 10/29/2014 (spanish)


Alis-Kai, aka Vintage Nails

Reviewed 01/24/2015 (spanish)


Verónica, aka 13 and Nailaholic

Reviewed 01/20/2015 (spanish)


The Base Coat

Reviewed 12/06/2014 (english)


Cassis P, aka Nails by Cassis

Reviewed 12/17/2014 (english and japanese)

Reviewed 11/24/2014 (english and japanese) 


 Beatriz Cosas de Chichas

Reviewed 12/10/2014 (spanish)

Reviewed 12/05/2014 (spanish)



Reviewed 11/30/2014 (spanish)


Maria, aka Mivi Nail Art

Reviewed 11/24/2014 (spanish) 


Charis Button Covington, aka Charismatically Polished

Reviewed 11/05/2014 (english)


Meagan Mhiz, aka Painted Pretty

Reviewed 9/26/2014 (english)


Jess Blaqk, aka Miss Murder

Reviewed 9/20/2014 (english)