Whats Up Nails - Mermaid #0 Detail Brush

Whats Up Nails - Mermaid #0 Detail Brush
$ 11.75 USD
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Create intricate lines and fill in small details with ease with this precise detail brush complete with a colorful chrome mermaid tail handle.

Brush Length: 1/4in (7mm)


Bristles are made from Kolinsky sable hair.
  • We recommend using this brush with acrylic paint, brush will last longer this way. You still can use this brush with nail polish but it dries very fast which makes it harder to create intricate designs.
  • If you use brush with acrylic paint, then clean it with water. If you use nail polish, then clean brush in nail polish remover or gentle acetone like Onyx Professional acetone.
  • You can use a little bit of any oil on hair bristles after cleaning brush and shape hair to bring them to original position.
  • Put protection lid on your brush when you are not using it to keep from damaging bristles.