Whats Up Nails - Ombre Sponges 36pcs

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Show us your creations using our 'Ombre Sponges 36pcs' with the tags #whatsupnailsOmbreSponges and #whatsupnails for a chance to be featured

Show us your creations using our 'Ombre Sponges 36pcs' with the tags #whatsupnailsOmbreSponges and #whatsupnails for a chance to be featured

Latex free make up sponges to create ombre nail designs

Amount: 36 sponge pieces


  • Apply a base coat and two layers of white nail polish and let it completely dry. It will create a perfect base for gradient so all colors appear bright.
  • Apply two/three thin strips of different color nail polish on sponge overlapping each other, polish should suck into sponge completely, apply 3-4 layers of polish to start with. You can use any latex free sponge for make up or even kitchen sponge. Opaque nail polishes (one coaters or stamping polishes) will work the best, translucent polishes won't work well, it will be hard to build up color using these polishes. Also think which colors will look the best together, for example, if you use red and green, they won't create good looking colors for gradient since if you mix red and green, you will see brown color in the between. Think about rainbow when you pick your colors or go with monochrome look from dark to light.
  • Start dabbing sponge to the nail moving it slightly back and forth from tip to the root of nail and back to create ombre. Dab not more than 10 times.
  • Let polish dry on the nail, add more nail polish to the sponge and repeat dabbing again. If sponge is still a little wet you can reuse it, if it is dry and hard, use a new sponge or cut off dry parts with scissors and reuse this sponge.
  • Repeat previous step from one to four times until you achieve opaque colors and a beautiful ombre effect on the nail.
  • Apply a layer of clear top coat and you are done!